Monica Cook <em> Milk Fruit </em> Spring 2015 Exhibition View (photo: Monica Cook, Spring 2015 <em>Milk Fruit</em> 2015, animation still <em>Crop Duster </em> 2013, Private Collection of Joshua Rechnitz, Ny, Ny <em>Okay Mountain</em> exhibition view, Spring 2012 <em>21st Century Sculpture</em>: Mark Andreas / Ryan Wolfe / [dNASAb], Spring 2008 Jade Townsend: <em>Born Between</em>, Fall 2008 Sarah Wagner: <em>Nuclear Family</em>, Fall 2008 UTC Department of Art <em>Juried Student Exhibition</em>, Spring 2008 Johnston Foster: <em>Sticky Situation</em> & Chrisitine Gray: <em>Gazer</em>, Fall 2009 Jered Sprecher: <em>Drift</em> & Rob Nadeau: <em>Primal Scene</em>, Spring 2009 Kahn & Selesnick: <em>Apollo Prophesies</em> and <em>Eisbergfreistadt</em> Spring 2010 Kahn & Selesnick: <em>Apollo Prophesies</em> and <em>Eisbergfreistadt</em>, Spring 2010 <em>“Le Deluge, Apres Mao” China’s Surging Creative Tide</em>, Fall 2010 Michael Vasquez: <em>What Comes with the Territory</em> & Rose Freymuth-Frazier: <em>Whispering Sisters</em>, Fall 2010  Wendy White, Fall 2011 Diane Marek Visiting Artist, discusses her exhibition <em>6 Years / 6 Works</em> Ian Pedigo, <em>Living Daylights</em>, Spring 2011 Matthew Deleget <em>Color Vulture</em> from his Fall 2012 exhibition <em>Pictures at an Exhibition</em> Michael Scoggins <em> A Day in the Life </em> exhibition view Fall 2013 Keetra Dean Dixon and JK Keller<em>We Keep Having this Conversation/<em> Sept 16 - October 21,  2014 Greg Smith <em>Breakdown Lane Orrery</em> October 28 - December 9th 2014 (Photo Credit Northlight Imaging) Greg Smith <em>Breakdown Lane Orrery</em> October 28 - December 9th 2014 (Photo Credit Northlight Imaging) Amy Elkins <em> Black is the Day, Black is the Night </em> & <em> Parting Words </em> Spring 2016 (photo: Amy Elkins <em> Black is the Day, Black is the Night </em> & <em> Parting Words </em> Spring 2016 (photo: Conrad Bakker, Spring 2017 <em> Untitled Project: The Robert Smithson Library and Book Club </em> & <em> The Crystal Land </em> (photo: Carmen Papalia, UTC Diane Marek Visiting Fall 2015, <em> How To Close Your Eyes </em> general view (Photo: Michi Meko <em>KAZUKO</em> Spring 2018, exhibition view (photo: Michael Scoggins <em>Dog Fight 2013</em> from his Fall 2013 exhibition <em>A Day in the Life</em>  Michelle Segre: <em>Sculpture and Drawings</em> exhibition view, Spring 2014 Michelle Segre: <em>Sculpture and Drawings</em> exhibition view, Spring 2014 Sonnenzimmer <em>Cafe Avatar</em> Fall 2017, Gallery II installation (photo: Sonnenzimmer <em>Cafe Avatar</em> Fall 2017, general view ( Summer Wheat:<em> Few and Far Between</em> exhibition view, Spring 2013


September 26, 2017

Next in the Cress SONNENZIMMER! Diane Marek Visiting Artists Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi, who form the collaborative Sonnenzimmer (Chicago, Illinois) present their exhibition "Cafe Avatar" with an artists' lecture and opening reception Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at 5:30pm in the Benwood Auditorium, 230 EMCS, directly across from the UTC Fine Arts Center, followed by a public reception at the Cress. Other Diane Marek Visiting Artist events open to campus and the public: Process and Materials Session: Wednesday, September 27, 11:00am – 12:00 noon, Cress Gallery; Professionalism Session: Wednesday, September 27, 4:00 – 5:00pm, Cress Gallery; Professionalism Session: Thursday, September 28, 12:15 – 1:30pm, Room 201, EMCS directly across Vine Street from the Fine Arts Center.

August 23, 2017

The UTC Department of Art Studio Faculty opens their Biennial Exhibition with a Public Reception in the lobby of the UTC Fine Arts Center from 5:30pm - 7:30pm Wednesday, August 23! Exhibition runs through September 15.

June 01, 2017

The Cress has opened its doors for this years summer exhibition "Selections VII: Art from the UTC Permanent Collection" now through July 28, 2017, featuring astounding examples of painting, drawing, mixed media, and original prints created by revered artists with ties to the history of the University and Chattanooga along with a selection of original works on paper by international figures of 20th century art and graphic design. For more information, click the "Exhibitions" tab.  Please note our Summer Gallery Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday and the 4th of July; open July 3.

April 04, 2017

Next in the Cress, the UTC Dept of Art Senior Thesis Exhibitions! Show One opens April 04 with Student Presentations at 5:00pm, Cadek Hall, 725 Oak Street, followed by a Reception at the Cress 6:00pm. Show Two opens April 18, with Presentations at Cadek 5:00pm & a Reception at the Cress 6:00pm. Visitors on Opening Nights may park free after 4pm in UTC Lots 10, 12, & 18. See the Parking & Admission tab and click the Exhibition tab for more information. 
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